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    • Say aquientants not friends then you would be ok 2 years ago
    • When every thing is over all you have is your friends and family 2 years ago
    • Friends Jesus say hypocrites all of you. Please don't be like that we love you all it's nice to see you all doing your thing 2 years ago
    • By me want to see me succeeded even if it's a measely 10 percent and I should stand by you wanting you to ale it so don't use the word frie 2 years ago
    • Are you saying we women of color just hate each other or is this just a show to make money. If you call mea friend I expect you to stand b 2 years ago
    • Hating each other I call you friend but we are all hypocrites what's the message you sending to the young girls coming 2 years ago
    • That is why we have nothing you ever sit and watch you all the message you send is that sisters can't be friends but enemies 2 years ago
    • I don't know if they make you Georgia peach act like that cut throat but we all sisters stand by each other 2 years ago
    • What do I need for me to get what I buy the police 2 years ago
    • Now call express white glove urgent delivery they say they can't find it 2 years ago
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